UK concrete CMS hosting (Concrete5)

Managed Concrete CMS hosting

Our managed Concrete CMS (concrete5) hosting service ensures your website is always available and performing at the highest level.

Our web servers are carefully optimised to deliver high-performance and maximum security for Concrete CMS websites.

  • All managed hosting packages include Concrete CMS core upgrades*.
  • Priority support from our friendly, UK based Concrete CMS experts
  • Katalysis is a Concrete CMS Certified Partner and has been designing, developing, hosting, and supporting concrete5/Concrete CMS websites for 15 years.

Concrete CMS (concrete5) Hosting Plans & Pricing

We offer a range of concrete5 hosting and support options for your concrete5 website.

Concrete CMS Hosting
Plus Optimised Shared

Our Concrete CMS shared hosting runs on CloudLinux, a specially modified Linux-based OS that gives superior stability and security.

  • High Specification UK hosting
  • 10GB Shared Server Space
  • 20GB per month Data Transfer***
  • 4GB PMEM (physical memory)
  • 4MB IO (combines both read & write operations)
  • 100% CPU (One CPU core)
  • SSD Disks (RAID 10)
  • Nightly off server backups
  • 24|7 server monitoring
  • Concrete CMS upgrades*
  • AddOn upgrade service**
  • Support Ticket System
  • SSL Certificate
  • SendGrid email service for site emails
  • BitNinja Server Security Suite
  • Intruder IO Server Vulnerability Scanning
  • Optional Matomo Analytics – ask for details
  • Optional Katalysis SEO Monitor – ask for details
  • from £595 + VAT p.a.

Bespoke Concrete CMS Hosting
SemiDedicated Hosting & Support

  • Flexibility: You can customise the configuration used within your server to suit your performance or SEO needs.
  • Performance: Having your own allotment of resources allows you and your visitors to enjoy faster load times.
  • Support: Can include regular support time allocation from Concrete CMS specialists.
  • If you have particular concrete5/Concrete CMS hosting or support requirements either for sites we host or for externally hosted sites we can help.
  • Call for pricing

* Concrete CMS upgrades are limited to the same major Concrete CMS/concrete5 version. It is not possible to upgrade from concrete5 5.6 to 5.7+ as this requires a rebuild of your website theme and a part manual part automated migration of data. We are happy to quote for this work on a project basis.

** We will normally update Concrete CMS AddOns where suitable updates are available and properly licenced. However, we cannot guarantee that updates will be available or compatible with the new version. Where this is the case we will quote for any additional work necessary.

*** Additional data transfer capacity is available on shared servers up to a maximum of 100GB per month at an annual cost of £80 per 20GB.

All hosting services are provided subject to our Hosting Terms & Conditions available here.

 If you require more extensive support we can provide a Concrete CMS support package to fit your needs either combined with our hosting or to complement the services provided by your chosen web host.

Things to consider when choosing concrete5 web hosting

Webserver performance

concrete5 is written mainly in PHP a widely-used open-source scripting language that runs on the webserver. PHP processes concrete5’s code on the server and brings in data from your website's database to deliver complete web pages to your visitor’s browser. For concrete5 to run efficiently and to provide you with an optimal experience when editing and managing your site the webserver must have sufficient resources and the relevant PHP modules properly configured.

We use exceptionally powerful HP Proliant servers with fast processors and a lot of memory to keep your concrete5 website running at speed. This provides a great experience for your visitors, for you when editing, and also for your search engine visibility as Google rewards faster websites.

Specialist concrete5 support

Many hosting providers will host any type of website and expect their support to be limited simply to keeping the server up and running. Our hosting goes beyond this and is totally focused on concrete5.  Our hosting packages include upgrades to the core concrete5 application* and to third party AddOns where available** and we offer enhanced support and development services for all concrete5 websites.

Keeping your concrete5 website regularly updated offers protection from malicious actions and unexpected incompatibility with server and browser updates.

Our additional support and development services ensure that your website continues to work hard for you over time.  We can help make the updates you need to be certain your site reflects changes in your business focus, competition in search engine results, or updates to look and feel.

Server location

There are three good reasons to be concerned about the location of your webserver: speed, compliance with privacy legislation, and search engine performance…

Our servers are housed in state-of-the-art data facilities based in North London which offer multiple high-speed connections to the internet. This allows the fasted possible connection between your visitors and your website.

GDPR regulations make it clear that any personal data retained by your website must remain within the EU. Hosing your site in the UK minimises the complexities associated with compliance.

Server location is a factor Google will take into account when deciding where to rank your website.  If your potential visitors are in the UK it makes sense to be sure that your website is hosted there too.

Backup options

Backup is a crucial part of any hosting solution. While server issues and application problems are increasingly rare it is important to have a way back if the worst happens.

We include nightly backups with all our hosting packages with the additional option of Offsite backups (where the backup data is stored in a separate data centre) for Plus Hosting and VPS Hosting.  Backups are stored for two weeks so if at any point within this time you notice an issue with your it is possible to quickly restore to that night’s backup.


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