Concrete CMS (formerly concrete5)

Powerful, easy-to-use website content management

Katalysis is a concrete5 Agency Partner and became the UK's first concrete5 Services and Hosting Partner in 2008. We have been designing, developing, hosting and supporting concrete5 websites for a wide variety of clients ever since.

You have complete control with concrete CMS content management system

Concrete CMS is easy to use, with the features you need and designed for total flexibility...

The complete content management system

Concrete CMS has a complete set of ‘Blocks’ to control different content types built-in. With Concrete CMS there’s no need to install and maintain a multitude of different third party extensions just to get the basic website functions you need.

Create complex pages simply

Concrete CMS's form-based page creation tool Composer allows even inexperienced users to quickly add complete pages in tightly defined formats.

Intuitive in-context editing

Concrete CMS’s wysiwyg editing environment makes it easy to put the right content exactly where you want it. To edit an area just point to it and away you go. Need something moved - simply drag-n-drop content 'blocks' around your pages.

Editing Interface

Work with your users

concrete5 version control

Concrete CMS provides a complete set of tools for working with website Users and Administrators. 

Login, Registration and Accounts

Enable User Registration and control the registration/approval process.

Both Registered Users and Administrators can be assigned to Groups to manage access to your website.

Using Groups you can easily control individual Users access to different website areas or functions.

Versions & Workflows

You can step through previous Versions of every page and control which is published. This makes it easy to create draft changes and step back to previous versions.

Concrete CMS Workflows adds a step between editing and publishing allowing other Users to review and verify changes before they are made live.

Bring user feedback
together with Conversations

Conversations can be used with blog posts or other places you need feedback from your visitors.

Build it better

Concrete CMS is designed for performance, security, flexibility and easy ongoing maintenance...


Concrete CMS has a range of sophisticated built-in caching options to optimise content for faster delivery. Your site will load quickly pleasing visitors and helping your search engine ranking.

Taking security seriously

With so much built-in the need to deploy third party extensions is dramatically reduced eradicating a source of frequent security issues with other systems.

Other security features include: modern codebase that allows modifications to be made without over-riding core code, audit trail, Captcha on forms, content approval, email verification, login History and SSL compatibility.

Easy ongoing maintenance

Concrete CMS requires fewer plugins than some other systems reducing the need for frequent updates and the risk of compatibility issues.

The code that powers Concrete CMS meets the latest PSR standards. This helps assure that your website runs dependably and AddOns or custom additions work harmoniously and safely and are easier to maintain.

Low initial and ongoing cost

Concrete CMS is Open Source. There is no annual licence fee, with Concrete CMS your budget is spent where it is most effective on creating an exceptional web site that meets your objectives.

concrete5 performance security support
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