Why browser changes may have left your website in need of a confidence boost

26 | 05 | 17

Your website may have started showing ‘not secure’ warnings,  here’s what you can do about it…

Recent changes to Chrome and Firefox web browsers, designed to help users understand a website’s security status, are highlighting Not Secure content more clearly.

For visitors who may not understand the implications of the Not Secure warnings this can damage confidence and call into question their trust in your website.

Google now shows a Not Secure warning for pages containing certain input fields and has indicated that it will eventually show this warning for all pages not served using https.

Google Chrome and Firefox non-secure address bars

Browser bar warnings in Chrome and Firefox for Not Secure websites

Websites that use https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) rather than http to encrypt communication between the site and web server make it impossible for anyone who might intercept the communication to read it. Internet shoppers will be familiar with the green padlock that indicates a secure connection.

To enable https websites use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with a unique certificate to send information back and forth. SSL certificates are supplied by a trusted entity that guarantees the website’s digital identity.

Websites that do not transfer sensitive information have historically not used SSL certificates.  But the increased visibility of warnings means you must now balance the annual cost of an SSL certificate against the need to give visitors total confidence in your website.

Google Chrome and Firefox secure address bars

Browser bars on Secure websites with SSL certificates installed

Users of our excEA estate agency website system now receive an SSL Certificate as part of their package.

We offer a range of SSL certificates to all our website hosting clients.  In most cases a basic LetsEncrypt Certificate (£90+VAT pa) will allow https to be used and show the reassuring green padlock symbol to your visitors.

To make your site run under https we will provide a unique IP address, configure the SSL certificate for your domain and update any website content that might use non-secure links to graphics or third-party content.

If you would like an SSL certificate added to your website and https enabled then just drop us an email or call 01582 715130 to discuss the options.

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