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07 | 09 | 16

Starting out in 2003 as an in-house project concrete5 was released as an open source content management system in 2008. Since then the product has been refined by original developer Portland Labs and by a strong global community of developers.

Until the last 5.6 series version the underlying architecture of concrete5 changed little. With 5.7 concrete5 leaps forward with an updated editing interface and significant modernisation of the underlying code.

So what’s new? The answer is a lot…

A shiny new interface

concrete5’s intuitive in-context editing has always been a hit with our users and the 5.7 interface retains this ease of use and gets a new minimalist look.

concrete5's in-context editing screen

There are new block types and a new layout engine allows blocks to be dragged onto the page and easily rearranged.

5.7’s new slide out Page Settings menu gives you easy access to the controls for SEO and other settings. There’s even a mobile preview so you can be sure your page will look great on a phone or tablet.

concrete5 Mobile Preview screen image

The features your website needs - built-in

concrete5's form based page creation tool Composer is more tightly integrated in 5.7. Composer allows even inexperienced users to quickly add complete pages in tightly defined formats.

cocnrete5 Composer screen image

concrete5 5.7 includes a system to build Conversations throughout your site that can be used with blog posts or other places you need feedback from your visitors.

The concrete5 Permissions system allows site users to be managed in groups. You can easily create protected pages that only specific members can access.

concrete5 Page Permissions screen image

When you make changes to a page concrete5 saves them as Versions. You can then step through saved versions and control which is published. This way you can create draft changes and step back if to previous versions if changes are no longer required.

concrete5 Workflows can be used to add an intermediate step between editing and publishing changes to a page. This step can be used to prompt another user, or group of users, to review the requested change and verify it before it is made "live" on your site.

Create Forms in a few easy steps without coding. With the form builder you can create and edit forms in minutes.

concrete5’s Autonav block creates automatically updated menus based on your website structure saving you time and making sure your navigation stays up-to-date.

Modern code quality - designed to be redesigned

Behind the scenes the concrete5 codebase comes bang up-to-date with a total rewrite. The underlying code that powers your website is written to the latest PSR standards. This quality assurance means that the core concrete5 framework will run dependably and any custom additions developed for your website will work harmoniously and safely with it and will be easier to maintain in future.

Enhanced performance with built-in caching

concrete5 5.7 has a range of sophisticated caching options built in. Caching saves copies of page elements and even complete pages for faster delivery. Your site will load quickly pleasing your visitors and helping your search engine ranking.

Updating your website to 5.7

The significant changes made in 5.7 mean it’s not quite as simple to update your website as with previous versions. A 5.7 update is best dealt with as part of a planned redesign or content restructure. Your website theme will need to be rebuilt for 5.7 and the pages and content from your current site migrated to the new site.

With 5.7 concrete5 takes a leap forward and provides a flexible, modern framework that allows your website content to be delivered, styled and managed in an optimum way. Switching to 5.7 will allow you to enjoy using a refreshing modern content management system and give you the reassurance that your website is built on a firm foundation for future growth.

To talk to us about a new concrete5 5.7 website or about migrating your existing concrete5 website to 5.7 please call Glyn Jenkins on 01582 715130 or email

Katalysis was the UK’s first concrete5 Services and Hosting Partner in 2008 and and today we are a concrete5 Certified Agency Partner and have built over 100 websites using concrete5.

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