Announcing Katalysis Membership Version 2

03 | 09 | 18

Our membership management Add On for concrete5 has been working away quietly in the background of a number of association membership sites for a while now.

This year we decided to invest time into Katalysis Membership in order to address some of the feature requests we’ve received and to make the product relevant to a wider range of societies, associations and organisations.

Katalysis Membership builds on the already strong User and Group features of concrete5 to give membership organisations the tools they need to easily manage subscribers

Katalysis Membership 2 features greatly enhanced product and pricing options

Enhanced Products

  • More product types - Individual Items and Events join Memberships and Journals.
  • More product details -description and image fields are now provided for all product types.

More flexible pricing options

  • Each product can now offer a range of prices
  • Prices can cover any subscription period – e.g. offer monthly, annual or biannual subscriptions at different rates
  • Prices can be offered on a time limited basis – ideal for early bird offers etc.
  • Prices can be restricted by membership Group
  • Prices can be restricted by Age - allowing special pricing for young or older members
  • Prices can be restricted to countries in a Low Income Country list

Updated Email Reminders 

The email Reminder System has been updated to accommodate the new more flexible product renewal options.


In addition to the current MailChimp integration we are now offering the ability to send mailings directly from Katalysis Membership.

Usability Improvements

  • Records now retain created by and updated by user and date information for better accountability.
  • Controls have been added to allow products and prices to be made active/inactive.

Version 2 of Katalysis Membership is scheduled for release in early 2019.

For more information about Katalysis Membership and an early demo of version 2 please call Glyn on 01582 715130 or email

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