AssocIation and Organisation websites

concrete5 and our optional Katalysis Membership subscription system is the perfect choice for membership organisations.

The powerful concrete5 content management system is ideal for multiple website contributors and Katalysis Membership provides the capability to easily manage member subscriptions and payments.

Design Expertise

We'll design and build a great looking website to meet your organisation's objectives.

Mobile friendly

Responsive design optimises your website for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Easily manage your website content

Your Administrators will be able to easily add/edit content and manage website content.

More about content management with concrete5

Powerful User management

With built-in User, Group, Permissions and Version control features concrete5 is the ideally suited to organisation websites that often require multiple Administrator and User Groups.

Subscription Management

To take concrete5's built-in capabilities a stage further we have developed our own Membership System can automatically manage and take payment for subscriptions.

Ongoing support

We'll provide hosting, ongoing development and support so that your website continues to meet your organisation's needs.


Powerful and easy to use website management

concrete5 is easy to use, with the features and flexibility needed by associations, membership and non-profit organisations.

Create complex pages simply

Form based page creation allows even inexperienced users to quickly add complete pages in pre-defined formats.

Intuitive in-context editing

It's easy to put content exactly where you want it with concrete5’s wysiwyg editing. To edit an area just point to it and away you go. To add or move content simply drag-n-drop the many different content 'block' types around your page.

Versions and Workflows

Access previous Versions of every page and control which is published making it easy to create draft changes and step back to previous versions.

For teams of contributors Workflows allow Administrators to review and verify changes before they are made live.

Simple subscription and payment management

concrete5 provides powerful features to allow website users to Register and maintain User accounts. This information can be used to allow users within certain Groups to have access to specific areas of the website and be granted other privileges.

The Katalysis Membership system builds on concrete5's powerful user and Group management features:

  • Allows payments for subscriptions to be made by debit/credit card
  • Offers discounted prices based on country or entry in a particular User Group
  • Sends reminder and confirmation emails at renewal time
  • Automatically moved members between Members and Lapsed Members Groups when subscription status changes
  • Allows administrators to manage member accounts
  • Provides the facility to export member lists
  • Synchronises with a MailChimp member list
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