Membership & Renewal

Membership Page

The Membership page displays current membership status and current/previous subscriptions with links to invoices. Membership status messages will vary depending on the subscriptions chosen and their expiry date.

Katalysis membership Membership Screen - No Current or historic susbscriptions Katalysis Membership Membership Message - active subscription Katalysis Membership Membership Message - subscription pending renewal Katalysis Membership Membership Message - subscription expired

If the user’s membership has expired or they are within the Prepayment Interval (see below) they are offered the chance to renew. At this point they can choose to change their Membership and select any additional products (if available).


Katalysis Membership is designed to allow subscriptions to be renewed at a fixed Annual Renewal Date.

The system will send out Advice emails at intervals prior to this date and Reminder emails at intervals after the date.

On receipt of the emails subscribers can login and click a PAY NOW button to complete payment for the following year’s subscription(s).

Prepayment Interval

A period of time is allowed prior to the Annual Renewal Date after which subscriptions will be sold for the following year.  For example if the subscription runs for the calendar year and the Prepayment Interval is 31 days purchases up to 30 November will be for the current year’s membership and those on or after 1st December will be for the following year.

Any price changes required for the following year must be put in place immediately prior to the Annual Renewal Date less the Prepayment Interval.  FAILURE TO UPDATE IN TIME WILL MEAN SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE SOLD AT THE PREVIOUS YEAR’S RATE.

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.