Joining Process

Join Page

Website Users may apply to become Subscribers/Members on the website registration page…

The registration page will require basic information such as username, email address and password.

Users will also be asked for additional information required by Katalysis Membership and any other fields defined with concrete5 User Attributes.

A list of Subscription Products is added to the Registration page. A single Membership type must be selected. Further selections for additional products are optional.

The Product and Price options shown to users can be dependent on a variety of Availability Restrictions configured for each price.

Katalysis Membership Join Screen

Successful completion of the Join page:

  • Creates a new User Account on the website giving access to the ‘My Account’ section.
  • Creates a PENDING Transaction in the dashboard Transactions page containing the User’s selected subscription(s).
  • Sends an email to the User asking them to click a validation link.


Following submission of the Registration form a  message is displayed to the User explaining that they need to validate their account by confirming receipt of an email.

Katalysis membership Validation Message

Subscription Page


When the User has validated their email address they are automatically logged into the website, taken to a summary of their chosen subscription(s) and asked to pay for them.

Clicking the PAY NOW button will take the User to the payment provider to complete their purchase.

Katalysis Membership Account Subscriptions Payment Screen

The Edit Purchases button allows the list of selected purchases to be updated.

On receipt of a response from the payment provider:

If the transaction is successful:

  • A message is displayed to the User confirming success and if necessary restating that their membership is now subject to approval.
  • An email is sent to the User confirming the above.
  • An email is sent to the Administrator requesting approval of the application.
  • The Transaction is updated with the status SUCCESS and the payment confirmation ID recorded. Transactions can be viewed in the Transactions dashboard page.
  • The User is added to the list of those requiring Approval in the dashboard Subscribers page with the status show 'Application Pending'.

NOTE: Users are not added to the Members Group yet unless Katalysis Membership is configured to automatically approve all applications.

Katalysis Membership Account Payment Success

If the transaction is unsuccessful:

  • A message is displayed to the user on screen advising of failure.

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.