Subscribers & Subscriptions


The Subscribers section provides a list of all website Users with information on their Membership and Subscription status.  

The Manage button provides access to further information about the User, a list of their Purchases, the Membership Approval function (if required) and Password Reset function (see below).

Katalysis Membership Subscribers List


Shows a list of all the User’s current and historic subscriptions.

The Add Purchase button allows offline purchases to be added for the User including Restricted Purchases that may only be added by an Administrator.

The Add Note button allows a Note to to be added a User’s account record.

Where membership approval is required an Approve Membership button is provided and subsequent to approval details of the approval are provided here.

The Edit Full Profile button takes you to the User’s normal concrete5 profile where address and other attributes may be updated.

A Require password reset button can be used when necessary to force the user to reset their password at next login.

Katalysis Membership - Subscribers Membership

Subscription Actions

The Actions button at the right of the of each purchase allow the administrator to perform Subscription Actions.

Purchase Status

The following statuses may be allocated to a purchase:

  • PENDING: Awaiting payment
  • ACTIVE: Successful unexpired subscription
  • EXPIRE: Subscription set not to renew
  • CANCELLED: Subscription immediately terminated
  • COMPLETE: Successful non subscription purchase

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.