Products & Prices

Subscription Products

Allows creation and management of Subscription Products. The product data that can be set will vary for the different product types - Membership, Journal, Item, Donation or Event.

Products may not be deleted (in order to maintain historical data) however both Products and Prices can now be made Active or Inactive.

Katalysis Membership Subscription Products Screen

Product options

As well as basic information including  Name, Type, Summary, Description and Image a number of options can be set for each product.


Allows products only to be allocated only by an Administrator.  This is useful for honorary or reduced price memberships etc.

Show Options

Set product to show on the Join page, Renew Page or Upgrade page.

Core Membership

Identifies a product as 'Core Membership' that will add the subscriber to the Members Group and allow access to member only content etc.

It is now also possible to set up subscriptions that are not Core Memberships these could be used to provide a secondary membership to a particlar user group etc.


Katalysis Membership - Subscription Product


It is possible to add one or many Prices to each Product.

Within each price you can define:

  • Period: length of time the subsctiption lasts in months and applicable to subscriptiions and Journals only
  • Price: cost in the default currency

Availability Restrictions

Availability Start Date - Availability End Date

The dates before, after or between which the Price is available. This might be useful for ’Early Bird’ offers etc.

Available only to these Groups

The price will be offered only Users in these concrete5 User Groups. Useful for special pricing for Emeritus or Honorary members or other special Groups.

Minimum Purchaser Age - Maximum Purchaser Age

Restricts availability to Users who are younger, older or between the set ages.


Resricts availability to Users whose Country in their Address attribute is in the selected set of addresses. Useful for regional or low income country pricing.

Katalysis Membership Price Options

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