Subscription Actions

Subscription Actions

The Actions button for each Purchase in the Member’s Subscriptions page allows the administrator to modify the normal progress of a subscription:

View Invoice

Show the purchase invoice in the same format available to the memebr.

Cancel Immediately

Stops the subscription with immediate effect.  The member is removed from the Member’s Group and will no longer have access to member only content. 

Please note that this does not remove the concrete5 login for the User which would need to be removed manually if necessary.

Expire at end of subscription

Stops the subscription at the end of its term.  No reminder emails will be sent. The member will continue to be in the Members Group and will have access to member only content until the subscription expires.

Set as Active

Where a Transaction has been Cancelled or set to Expire it may be reinstated by using Set as Active.

Add Transaction Note

Creates a Note which is linked to the Transaction.

Add Refund

Allows a Refund to be recorded against the Transaction. A value and Note are included and the Note can be made visible on the User’s Account page.

This function does not create a financial transaction it simply allows the refund to be recorded.  The financial trasnaction will need to be executed manually outside of Katalysis Membership.

Purchase Status

The following statuses may be allocated to a purchase:

  • PENDING: Awaiting payment
  • ACTIVE: Successful unexpired subscription
  • EXPIRE: Subscription set not to renew
  • CANCELLED: Subscription immediately terminated
  • COMPLETE: Successful non subscription purchase

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