MailChimp synchronisation

MailChimp synchronisation relies on a connection being set up between Katalysis Membership and a single MailChimp List in the Katalysis Membership Settings Page.

Any concrete5 User Groups may be synchronised with entries in a MailChimp Group (normally called concrete5 Groups).

It is necessary to manually create a corresponding entry for each concrete5 User Group that you want to be available in MailChimp in the MailChimp Group.  The mapping between the groups is then controlled in Katalysis Membership > Settings.

All Groups are updated by a daily timed process which performs the following actions:

  • Adds new concrete5 Users to MailChimp
  • Synchronises all User’s Groups
  • Updates two concrete5 User attributes with the User’s MailChimp ID and subscription status

Groups can be separately targeted in MailChimp by creating a Segment of the List.

Users that are deleted from concrete5 are immediately removed from MailChimp.

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.