MailChimp synchronisation

MailChimp synchronisation relies on a connection being set up between Katalysis Membership and a single MailChimp List in the Katalysis Membership Settings Page.

Any concrete5 User Groups may be synchronised with entries in a MailChimp Group (normally called concrete5 Groups).

It is necessary to manually create a corresponding entry for each concrete5 User Group that you want to be available in MailChimp in the MailChimp Group.  The mapping between the groups is then controlled in Katalysis Membership > Settings.

All Groups are updated by a daily timed process which performs the following actions:

  • Adds new concrete5 Users to MailChimp
  • Synchronises all User’s Groups
  • Updates two concrete5 User attributes with the User’s MailChimp ID and subscription status

Groups can be separately targeted in MailChimp by creating a Segment of the List.

Users that are deleted from concrete5 are immediately removed from MailChimp.