Approving a new member

This section is applicable only if Membership Approval is required in the system settings.

Following completion of the form on the Join page and payment by a new member the Administrator will receive a ‘Registration Approval Required’ email.

The new User will be visible in Subscribers with the status 'Application Pending' - click Manage to access their record.

Click the green Approve Membership button to approve the new member (the button is only be visible for subscribers who are not yet members).

Approving a new Member:

  • Allocates the new Subscriber a Membership ID
  • Adds them to the Members Group (allowing access to members only website content)
  • Sends them an Application Approved email


The User is allocated a temporary username at registration and this is replaced with a membership number when the payment is confirmed.

The membership number is taken sequentially from a defined starting point and may be prefixed with text if required.

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.