Adding Purchases & Notes

Adding a Purchase (Offline Transaction)

If a Subscriber has made an offline payment administrators can add it using the Add Purchase button at the top of the Subscriptions screen.

The list of products that can be allocated in this way includes all the products available on the Join page plus any Restricted Products the member is eligible for.

Administrators have the option to send the member a notification of their payment. This uses the ‘Subscription Offline User Message’ text.

The member will receive immediate access to their subscriptions.

Restricted Products

Products can be set up so that they can only be allocated by an Administrator.

These Products are typically used to provide honorary or reduced cost subscriptions and are set as ‘Admin Only’ in the Subscription Products section. 

Restricted Products are unavailable for purchase using the normal joining process but may be renewed by subscribers.

Restricted Products will appear in the transaction list and on the User’s Account same way as other transactions.

Eligibility for Restricted Products

Before you can allocated a Restricted Product to a User that User must meet the eligability requirements for the Product.  These requirements might relate to Age, Location or to membership of a particular concrete5 Group.

You may need to put the User into the correct concrete5 Group before you can allocate add a Product.

Adding a Note

It is possible to add a Note to a User’s account record by clicking the Add Note button at the top right of the Subscriptions screen.

If Visible to member  is checked then the note will also be shown on the member’s Account page.

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