Katalysis Membership is designed to automate the subscription and renewal process. However there are certain points when the administrator may need to get involved...

Approving a new member

This section is applicable only if Membership Approval is required in the system settings.

Following completion of the registration form and payment by a new member the Administrator will receive a ‘Registration Approval Required’ email.

The new User will be visible in Subscribers with the status 'Application Pending' - click Edit to access their record.

Click the green Approve Membership button to approve the new member (the button is only be visible for subscribers who are not yet members).

Approving a new Member:

  • Allocates the new Subscriber a Membership ID
  • Adds them to the Members Group (allowing access to members only website content)
  • Sends them an Application Approved email


The User is allocated a temporary username at registration and this is replaced with a membership number when the payment is confirmed.

The membership number is taken sequentially from a defined starting point and may be prefixed with text if required.

Adding an Offline Transaction

If a Subscriber has made an offline payment administrators can add it using the Add Transaction button at the top of the Subscriptions screen.

Administrators have the option to send the member a notification of their payment. This uses the ‘Subscription Offline User Message’ text.

The member will receive immediate access to their subscriptions.

Adding a Restricted Membership

Subscribers may allocated a restricted membership using the Add Restricted Membership button at the top of the Subscriptions screen.

Restricted Memberships are typically used to provide honorary or reduced cost subscriptions and have Availability set at ‘Restricted’ in the Subscription Products section. 

Restricted Memberships are unavailable for purchase using the normal joining process but may be renewed by subscribers.

Restricted memberships will appear in the transaction list and on the User’s Account same way as other transactions.

Exporting mailing lists

A complete up to date subscription list for each subscription product can be exported from the Subscriber Lists Dashboard page.  The list contains all subscribers at the time the list is exported.


Incomplete Payments

‘Orphan’ Users and Transactions can be created when a User Registers but fails to complete their payment. These Transactions are automatically deleted 30 days after they are created but the Users are retained until manually deleted.

Unvalidated Users

When Users register but fail to validate their email address they will remain in the concrete5 User database until they are manually deleted. Unvalidated Registrations can be found using the filter at the top of the Subscribers list.

Users with incomplete payments

User who have validated their emails but failed to complete payment can be found using the Incomplete Payment filter.

Users may be removed manually using the DELETE button in their concrete5 profile.