Using Katalysis Membership

The Concrete5 content management system which allows website users to register and maintain information in user accounts. This information can then be used to allow users within certain groups to have access to specific areas of the website etc.

Tha Katalysis Membership package enhances this and allows payments to be taken by debit/credit card.

This document describes these additions to the current website and provides an overview of the registration, payment and renewal processes.


Initial phase

All existing members will be imported into concrete5 and allocated appropriate Subscription Products in Katalysis Membership based on current records.

The Joining Process


Successful completion of the Register page:

  • Creates a new User Account on the website giving access to the ‘My Account’ section.
  • Creates a PENDING Transaction in Katalysis Membership > Transactions containing the User’s selected subscription(s).
  • Sends an email to the User asking them to click a validation link.

NOTE: Users are not added to the Members Group yet unless Katalysis Membership is configured to automatically approve all applications.


When the User has validated their email address they are automatically logged into the website, taken to a summary of their chosen subscription(s) and asked to pay for them.

Clicking the PAY NOW button will take the User to the payment provider to complete their purchase.

On receipt of a response from the payment provider:

If the transaction is successful:
  • A message is displayed to the User confirming success and if necessary restating that their membership is now subject to approval.
  • An email is sent to the User confirming the above.
  • An email is sent to the Administrator requesting approval of the application.
  • The Transaction is updated with the status SUCCESS and the payment confirmation ID recorded.
  • The User is added to the list of those requiring Approval in the Katalysis Membership Subscribers list.
If the transaction is unsuccessful:
  • A message is displayed to the user on screen advising of failure.

Approving a new member

The Administrator will receive a ‘Registration Approval Required’ email notification and the new User will be visible in the concrete5 dashboard here: Katalysis Membership > Subscribers in ‘Users waiting activation’.

To Approve a User click on the Edit button next to their entry in the Subscribers list.

The User’s Subscriptions page gives a summary of their status and information.

A green ‘Approve Membership’ button will be visible for subscribers who are not yet members. 

Approving a new Member:

  • Allocates the new Subscriber a Membership ID
  • Adds them to the Members Group 
  • Sends the User an Application Approved email

Incomplete transactions

‘Orphan’ Users and Transactions can be created when a User Registers but either fails to validate their email address or to complete their payment.

Unvalidated Users

Unvalidated Registrations can be found using the filter at the top of the Subscribers list.

Users with incomplete payments

User who have validated their emails but failed to complete payment can be found using the Incomplete Payment filter.

Orphan Users may be removed manually using the DELETE button in their concrete5 profile.

[NOTE we will soon have an automatic process to clean up orphan Users and Transactions after a set period.]

The renewal process

Katalysis Membership is designed to allow subscriptions to be renewed at a fixed Annual Renewal Date.

The system will send out Advice emails at intervals prior to this date and Reminder emails at intervals after the date.

On receipt of the emails subscribers can login and click a PAY NOW button to complete payment for the following year’s subscription(s).

Prepayment Interval

A period of time is allowed prior to the Annual Renewal Date after which subscriptions will be sold for the following year.  For example if the subscription runs for the calendar year and the Prepayment Interval is 31 days purchases up to 30 November will be for the current year’s membership and those on or after 1st December will be for the following year.

It is important that any price changes that are required for the next year are put in place immediately prior to the Annual Renewal Date less the Prepayment Interval.  FAILURE TO UPDATE IN TIME WILL MEAN SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE SOLD AT THE PREVIOUS YEAR’S RATE.

Offline Transactions

If a Subscriber has made an offline payment administrators can add it using the Add Transaction button at the top of the Edit Subscriber screen.

Administrators also have the option to send the member a notification of their payment. This uses the ‘Subscription Offline User Message’ text.

The member will receive immediate access to their subscriptions.

Restricted and discounted memberships

Existing users may be allocated a ‘Restricted Membership’, for example a life or reduce cost membership and allocated free journals in the Life Members Dashboard page.  Life memberships are all set to continue until 2099.  Life Memberships and associated free journals will appear in the same way as other transaction except they will not expire and will show a value of £0.

Exporting mailing lists

A complete up to date subscription list for each journal can be exported from the Journal Distribution Dashboard page.  The list contains all subscribers at the time the list is exported.


MailChimp synchronisation relies on a connection being set up between Katalysis Membership and a single MailChimp List in the Katalysis Membership Settings Page.

Any concrete5 User Groups may be synchronised with entries in a MailChimp Group (normally called concrete5 Groups).

It is necessary to manually create a corresponding entry for each concrete5 User Group that you want to be available in MailChimp in the MailChimp Group.  The mapping between the groups is then controlled in Katalysis Membership > Settings.

All Groups are updated by a daily timed process which performs the following actions:

  • Adds new concrete5 Users to MailChimp
  • Synchronises all User’s Groups
  • Updates two concrete5 User attributes with the User’s MailChimp ID and subscription status

Groups can be separately targeted in MailChimp by creating a Segment of the List.

Users that are deleted from concrete5 are immediately removed from MailChimp.


Reseting all passwords

For new installations where Users are imported from another system it will be necessary to perform a Global Password reset in order to force Users to create a new password the first time they login.

After an attempt to login with their registered email address and existing (or any) password they are redirected to a reset form with a custom message and email field: