The Team section is where we maintain the list of your staff members. The details held here may then be used to display team information throughout your website.


Creating a new Team Member

  • Click the Add Team Member button top right.
  • Add the member's details as required and Save.

Depending on the configuration of your site you may be able to associate each team member with Locations, Specialisms or Topics.

NOTE: In order to maintain a consistent appearance it's important that all the team member images are the same size. You can find the size of images already used next to an existing image in the Edit view.

Image Size information

Editing an existing Team Member

  • Click the member's Edit button in the list.
  • Change the details as required and Save.

Creating a Team Block

Once you have your teams completed within Katalysis Base, you can then get them onto your site using the Team Block when building or editing a page. The block is towards the bottom of the list and will be displayed in yellow. 

You can adjust the Content you would like to display including the selection of team members in the block edit settings.

The Filters section allows team members to be selected by Locations, Specialisms or Topics (depending on the configuration of your site).

The Design section allows basic colour choices and allows you to change what information is displayed.

NOTE: If your team block uses a specific Block Template then some of the options above may not be visible/enabled.

Deleting a Team Member

To permanently delete a Team Member just click the Delete button in the list.

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.