Feature List Block

Our Feature List block provides the ability to add tightly styled lists using a combination of an icon or image, title, description and a link.

To insert the block on your chosen page, click on the Add Content button top right and scroll down to near the bottom of the block list where you can find the Feature List block in yellow.

Adding List Items

Add your chosen list items with the Add List Item button at the top. Choose your options including: 

  • Icon or Image (change Icon/Image/None setting in Design tab)
  • Title
  • Description
  • Link

You can go back and edit each list item once it's created using the Edit List Item button, and likewise, you can delete list items with the Remove button. 

Adding Header content

You can add a heading and description above your list in the Header tab. 

Editing the Design

Ensure that your Feature List is looking exactly how you would like by changing things such as:

  • Background and Border Colours
  • Link Format
  • Images section option
  • Classes (Classes are used to apply different style options to each slide. If your site has these available for particular galleries these will normally be documented on your dashboard welcome page.)

NOTE: If your Feature List block uses a specific Block Template then some of the options above may not be visible/enabled.

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