Feature Box Block

Our Feature Box block provides the ability to add tightly styled information boxes using a combination of an image, heading, description and a link.

The Feature Box block allows the presentaion to be chaged depending on device width. For instance, an image may show above the text for a mobile but to the right of it for a desktop device.

To insert the block on your chosen page, click on the Add Content button top right and scroll down to near the bottom of the block list where you can find the Feature Box block in yellow. 

Editing the content of the Feature Box

Add the following content to your feature box:

  • Add a Heading and set the heading level
  • Add Content
  • Choose an image and add Alt Text, a Caption and a Credit
  • Choose a destination and text for a button or link


Editing the design of the Feature Box

Ensure that your feature box is looking exactly how you would like by changing settings in the Design tab:

  • Background and Border Colours
  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  • Text width and position for Small, Medium and Large screens
  • Image and text presentation options (padding, border on/off etc.)
  • Button/link style
  • Class

NOTE: If your Feature Box block uses a specific Block Template then some of the options above may not be visible/enabled.

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