Managing Users

The Members section of your concrete5 website at Dashboard > Members gives you the tools to manage all website Users.

You may use this section to create additional website administrators or if your website allows Users to register for access to member's only areas etc.

Creating a new User

Adding a new User

To create a new User go to Dashboard > Members and click the Add User button at the top right of the screen.

You will now see a screen with sections for the User's Details, Account, Group and Other Attribute information.  The exact content of this screen will depend on the set up of your particular website.

To add value to the fields just click on them. Changes are saved immediately.

Putting a User in a Group

Clicking the Add Group button will display a list of all the Groups set up for your website. Clicking the required Group will add the User to it.

Editing an existing User

Go to Dashboard > Members and find the User whose profile you wish to edit and click on the Username link to view the User's profile.

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