Editing a Page

Navigate to the page you want to edit.

Click the Edit Mode button in the concrete5 toolbar.

concrete5 toolbar edit mode

Different parts of the page are now outlined in grey or green.

Areas, outlined in grey, are containers that can have Blocks added to them.

Blocks are outlined in green and comprise different types of content which may be Edited, Moved around or Deleted.

concrete5 Area and Blocks

Editing a Block

Individual Blocks will be highlighted with a green outline when you hover over them.

Click on the block you want to edit to show its drop down menu and click Edit Block.

Depending on the type of block you have selected you will be presented with a range of options.

You'll find details of standard concrete5 Blocks in the concrete5 Editors Guide and of specialist excEA Block in the excEA documentation.

Moving a Block

To move a block hover click and drag the Move Icon that appear when you hover over the Block.

When the block is positioned over an Area that can accept it a thick green line will appear either around an empty Area or between existing Blocks indicating that you can now let go of the Block.

Adding a Block

Click the Add Content button in the concrete5 toolbar to reveal the Blocks menu

Choose the block type you wish to add and drag it to the position required on the Page.

The editing dialog box will now open so that you can add the necessary information to the Block.

Saving your changes

When you have finished editing your Page click the Exit Edit Mode button in the concrete5 toolbar.

concrete5 toolbar - exit edit mode

You can now choose to:

  • Publish Changes to make your changes live immediatley
  • Save Changes to save your changes as a draft to edit or publish later
  • Discard Changes to revert to the previous version of the page
concrete5 exit edit mode

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