Editing a Product

Click on the Products entry in the Store Dashboard menu and use the search tool to find the necessary product amd click the edit button.

Community Store Product List

The Product screen has tabbed sections allowing you to edit a range of information.

Product Screen Overview

Positioning products within your website

Community Store offers a range of different wasy to position your products within your website.

When you create a new product a product page will be created automatically under the parent page 'products'.

You can then display products on your website using Product and Product List blocks.

For clear navigation and for SEO benefit we normally choose to move the product pages from their default position to a logical place in the sitemap structure.

Moving a product page

In Dashboard > Sitemap find the product page you want to move and drag it to the parent page you want it to appear beneath. When you let go select the first option 'Move' in the dialog box.

To change the order of the pages just drag them up or down.

Creating and alias of a product page in an additional location

Product pages can be made to appear in more than one location using aliases. To create an alias drag and drop the page into the desired sitemap location as above but this time choose the second 'Alias' option.

NOTE: Be careful when deleting alias and their originals, it's easy to find that you have inadvertently deleted the wrong page.

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