Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research tool enables you to enter a keyword for analysis and get its keyword difficulty score, and monthly search volume along with a list of similar, related and low search volume keywords and cost per click. It can also provide intel on the level of Google Ads competition and a list of the top-ranking pages for the analysed keyword, both organic and paid.

You have four sections to view data in, which are the;

  • Overview tab
  • Keyword Suggestions tab
  • Organic Results tab
  • Paid Results tab

Within each of these, there are further tabs with which you can dive into the data.

Overview Tab

In the Overview tab, as the name suggests you’ll find the details surrounding the keyword you searched. The difficulty of ranking against it, it's monthly search volume and PPC. It will also display summaries of similar, related and low volume keywords around your keyword, with links to detailed breakdowns of these. You'll also get the top organic and paid competition for the keyword. 

Keyword Suggestions Tab

In the Keyword Suggestions tab, you’ll find the more detailed break-downs of similar, related and low volume keywords. It'll display more results, and you can select other keywords from the lists to look deeper into their stats and competitors as well. You can also export the list should you wish to do so. 

Organic Results Tab

In the Organic Results tab, you'll find a deeper break down of the rankings for the keyword. It contains a list of the top 100 websites ranking in organic search for the analyzed keyword in the specified region along with their estimated traffic volume, monthly traffic cost, and the total number of keywords they target.

Paid Results Tab

In the Paid Results tab you'll find a list of all the websites that are ranking in paid search for the analyzed keyword alongside similar data to the organic results. However, you can also see the ads they use now and used in the past to reach their audience. You can hover over the ads to expand them and see them in detail, or click the Expand button in the top right to expand them all. 

How to Find

You can access the Keyword Research tool from the horizontal menu at the top of the page, next to the Competitor Research tool. 

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.