Keyword Ranking

This is where you can track your website ranks against specific keywords. Web Monitor analyses the data and gives you a clear view of what devices people are using, geographic locations, and languages across several different search engines that we’ll have set up for you.

There are three tabs to view the data in;

  • the Detailed tab
  • the Overall tab
  • and the Historical Data tab.

These are outlined below, and on each of these views, you will see how your ranking positions change over time and get loads of extra data on your keywords such as; Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features, keyword search volume, how your competition compares and ranks against your keywords, number of search results and more.

Detailed Tab

The detailed mode allows you to view data for each search engine separately. You can choose any period and see keyword rankings for different dates.

Overall Tab

The overall mode allows you to view data for all search engines on the same page. The table will show only one date for each search engine.

Historical Data Tab

The information in the “Historical Data” tab allows you to compare current to baseline keyword rankings, as well as monitor their dynamics over a certain period of time such as:

  • a day ago
  • a week ago
  • a month ago
  • 3 months ago
  • 6 months ago

In All Tabs

You can track by specific URLs, tag keywords with customised tags and then track by tags, customise your charts by Average Position, Traffic Forecast, Search Visibility, SERP Features, % In Top 10, and Selected Keywords, and more. 

You can also add columns to the ranking tables (up to a maximum of 4) including;

  • Search Volume (average monthly searches)
  • The level of competition for tracked keywords as a percentage (higher the percentage the more competition)
  • Suggested Bid for a PPC campaign
  • Keyword Efficiency Index Score (KEI) - the higher the better
  • SERP Features such as Snippets
  • Keyword Tags
  • Dynamics (how your rankings have moved around)
  • Visibility (share of impressions)

This enables you to get the full picture of how your website is currently performing and helps to plan your SEO strategy. You can also provide your teammates or management with access to your website rankings data via the "Guest Link" in the top right.

How to find

You can access the module from the left-hand vertical navigation bar or via the Dashboard (Projects) by clicking on the Rankings icon next to your project (website).

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.