This is the section in which you can track up to 5 competitors and keep an eye on how you stack up against them, view the Top 100 competitors tracked by your chosen keywords and see a visibility rating comparison of your competition.

There are 3 tabs you can view data on; Added Competitors, SERP Competitors, and Visibility Rating. 

Added Competitors

The 5 competitors that we add manually for you will display data in both a chart and a table below it.

The chart displays:

  • your competitor’s average positions based on your chosen keywords,
  • traffic forecast,
  • search visibility,
  • the number of pages in the Top 10,
  • and % in the Top 10, so you can see how you stack up against them. 

The table provides in-depth metrics of:

  • your competitor’s number of keywords in the Top 5/10/30,
  • the total number of keywords that you’re tracking your competition by,
  • their average ranking position across all the chosen keywords which is done by the arithmetic mean,
  • and the number of keywords with higher or lower rankings compared to the previous day.

It will also show the number of indexed pages in Google and the date of the last rankings update. 

SERP Competitors

The SERP Competitors tab shows you the top 100 sites for each of your keywords across the different search engines. This tab can help you evaluate the keyword competition and find new competitors that you might not have been aware of who have not reached the top yet but are moving there quickly.

You can also view the dynamics of a competitor’s specific site or page; identify websites that have been taking positions in the search for a long time as well as new players, as it’s easier to compete with the newcomers than with the established competition.

Visibility Rating

Finally, you have the Visibility Rating tab. Here we track every site in the top 10 for each of your keywords and they are ranked by their visibility score. Visibility is the share of impressions that a website is given in a search engine, or to put it another way it shows the percentage of users who will see that website upon entering a specific search query. You can view results by your keyword groups and you can select specific search engines.

The chart displays the first 5 domains and you can add more by selecting them from the list below and clicking on the compare button. By comparing the visibility of your site with that of your rivals you’ll be able to evaluate your position and adjust your strategy accordingly.

How to find

You can access the module from the left-hand vertical navigation bar, underneath Analytics & Traffic. 

This data will only be used by Katalysis Net Ltd for processing your query and for no other purpose.