Analytics & Traffic

This section helps analyse website dynamics based on data pertaining to website rankings, traffic from search engines, snippet attractiveness and data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

You have four sections to view data in, which are the;

  • Overview tab
  • Traffic tab
  • Snippets tab
  • Google Search Console Data tab

Within each of these, there are further tabs with which you can dive into the data.

Overview Tab

In the Overview tab, as the name suggests you’ll find the overview of how active your website audience is, where they are located,  charts and graphs for easy visual representation, and which sources are driving more visitors to your website. You will also have data on your search engine visibility, keyword importance, rankings overview, and more.

Traffic Tab

In the Traffic tab, you get more in-depth insights into your website traffic. You’ll get detailed metrics for every traffic source to your website, total sessions, percentage of new sessions, page views and more. You’ll also learn more about your website visitors, where they are located, what devices they’re using and more. There are multiple metrics to choose from and multiple ways in which to view the data. The pages sub-section enables you to check the traffic metrics for every website page specifically, and the Conversions sub-section details actions taken by visitors to your website.

Snippets Tab

The third tab is the Snippets tab. A snippet is the way a website is shown in search engine results and has a direct impact on the amount of traffic you are likely to receive. In this tab, you can view how effective your snippets are in different search engines based on different keyword searches.

Google Search Console Data Tab

The final tab in this section allows you to analyse all keywords that lead people to your website based on Google Search Console data. Web monitor will analyse the information and check to see if all relevant keywords have been added to the project. If some of the keywords that drive the majority of organic traffic are missing in the project, we recommend adding them for tracking.

How to Find

You can access the Analytics & Traffic module from the left-hand verticle navigation bar, underneath the Rankings module.

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