Using Katalysis Web Monitor

As part of our Hosting Plus service, you have access to our Katalysis Web Monitor performance monitoring and optimisation tool. Katalysis Web Monitor will help you focus on your business objectives, monitor search ranking against chosen keywords, optimise your website, and generate more and higher-quality traffic and leads. 

We will help set everything up for you, but to help us help you get going with the tool as quickly as possible there are a few things that we’ll need:

  • If you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, we’ll need access to them both so we can set it up in Web Monitor for you. 
  • We'll need a list of up to 50 Keywords that you would like Web Monitor to track and potential groups that we can cluster them within. Don't worry if you can't think of 50, we can always build the list up over time and do some research into Keywords that could be a good focus point. 
  • Finally, who are your top 5 competitors you’d like to keep an eye on? Let us know and Web Monitor will give you the inside scoop.  

Once we’ve got all that we can set you up on Web Monitor. We'll provide you with Login details and a brief run-through of the platform for you and then you’ll be a self-sufficient SEO Master in no time.

In this documentation is a brief overview of the different tools within Web Monitor and what you can get out of them

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