Katalysis Advanced Gallery

Our Advanced Gallery Block provides the ability to add galleries based on File Sets plus some additional features to control styling and gallery functions.

Make a gallery from a File Set

While content options for individual slides are more limited it's quick and easy to add a gallery from a file set:

  • In the drop down menu choose File Set
  • Select the File Set you want to use for the gallery
  • Choose the options you want in the Options tab

Adding files to a File Set

You can create and add files to File Sets in the concrete5 File Manager by:

  • Control clicking any file and selecting the Sets option
  • Adding a file or files to a set when uploading using the Add/Remove Sets button


Using the default template a gallery based on a File Set will only show a description if one has been added to the file in the File Manager.  To add a decription control click the file and select the Properties option, add your content to the Description field.

Make a gallery from selected files

Choosing files individually allows for more control over the content and formatting of each slide although it takes a little longer:

  • In the drop down choose Selection
  • Use the add File button to add as many images as you want from the File Manager and set the fields as necessary.


Classes are used to apply different style options to each slide.  If your site has these available for particular galleries these will normally be documented on your dashboard welcome page.