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Concrete CMS (formerly concrete5) SEO & WEBSITE MARKETING

Is your website working hard enough for your business?

Does your website attract high-quality visitors and generate the leads you need to grow?

Our website optimisation campaigns focus in on your business objectives, align your web presence with your goals and develop your site to maximise opportunities for customer acquisition.

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Putting together the website marketing pieces

Website Marketing Strategy

Website Marketing Strategy

A carefully considered strategy is fundamental to any successful marketing project. The tactics deployed must be informed by a firm understanding of your target market and your competition.

Your website exists in a competitive and constantly changing search ecosystem. To remain visible to your audience your website marketing plan needs to clearly reflect how your site fits into this environment and maximise all the tools at your disposal to compete.

In developing a website marketing strategy we will consider:

Keyword research - what are the terms your potential customers are using to try and find your product or service? Which terms are used most often?

Competitive analysis - who are your main competitors in the search results? What have they done to get where they are?

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website to perform well for your chosen terms in the search engine results. Typically this will include:

  • Identifying and resolving technical issues that may be present in your website/hosting that impact indexing or speed
  • Analysing and enhancing existing website content to increase visibility in search results
  • Developing new content to target specific search terms and themes
  • Encouraging link building from other websites to your site

Concrete CMS provides the ideal platform to deliver a content-based website marketing strategy. The tools you need to optimise content and convert visitors are already built-in.  However, realising your website’s potential depends on careful consideration of your objectives, analysis of your competitors and the implementation of a comprehensive SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

User Engagement and Conversion

User Engagement and Conversion

Having increased the number of visitors to your website it’s important to be sure they are able to find what they need and are encouraged to engage with your business.

Your strategy will provide clarity as to what you want your visitors to do. As your campaign develops we will analyse visitor behaviour and look at ways of increasing conversions and maximising opportunities to generate leads.

SEO Reporting


There is no shortage of data in web marketing, however, identifying, measuring and tracking meaningful statistics can be a challenge. When we start your campaign we will:

  • Configure Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Set up goals in Google Analytics and configure website forms etc. to capture data
  • Integrate Katalysis Web Monitor to track keyword positions and provide easy access to traffic data and competitor information

As your campaign progresses we will review key metrics with you regularly and update objectives as necessary.

Take the website workout

Get your website fit for the new normal…

A Strategy Review, Health Check and Quick Fixes for your website

‘Website Workout’ is a quickly implemented strategic and technical review of your website that results in valuable immediate updates and detailed plan of action for the future. 

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