John Curtis take property search to a new level

20 | 06 | 12
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John Curtis Estate Agents use Katalysis excEA estate agency website system to provide a great experience for their clients.

With the new excEA system John Curtis exceed the expectations of web site visitors and prospective vendors alike.

excEA provides a cutting edge user experience, total design flexibility, a
simple management interface and easily understood feedback on web site activity.

Some of the great excEA features at include:

Intelligent Search - Natural language search and fast filter functions give an up to the minute user experience. Your web site can recognise common misspellings and even locally known area names, for example, all roads known collectively as ‘The Avenues’.

Accurate Mapping - Independently pinpoint and adjust property locations and set optimal viewpoints in Google Map, Google StreetView and Bing Birdseye views.

Content Management - excEA is built on Concrete 5 making it a breeze to keep content up-to-date.

Visitor Involvement - Visitors can login, create, manage and email property favourites lists.

Automatic Updates - excEA integrates with John Curtis back office system and updates propertyinformation automatically.

At a glance

Overview Estate agency website built with Katalysis Excea
Key features Integration with vebra Data Feed, Intelligent Property Search, Content Management with Concrete5