Niche strategy for Orbital Travel

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Katalysis researched niche search opportunities, developed and implemented a search driven lead generation strategy for Orbital Travel.

The series of destination focused websites it designed to offer visitors high quality and relevant destination information that will also naturally rank highly in search engines.

Custom features include:

  • Offer system to allow offer to be added to each hotel and displayed in blocks throughout the website
  • Graphic map system to allow new hotels to be positioned as required without redrawing
  • Integration with chat and phone support system
  • user-friendly modal quote request forms
  • Social sharing on all pages

The websites are each built on the Concrete 5 content manamegement sytem which allows the Orbital Travel team to easily update information on a daily basis.

At a glance

Overview Niche travel destination websites built with Concrete5
Key features Design of thmed content managed websites and custom offers and mapping components.