New Refinement template theme

05 | 09 | 14

We've just launched a new template based option to allow you to launch you excEA website quickly and cost effectively.

Our first template 'Refinement' provides a strong contemporary design and allows fonts and colours to updated to match your agency's visual identity. As with any excEA website a high level of visual customisation is possible:

  • Main theme colours match your visual identity
  • Main theme fonts match your visual identity
  • Property Search filters and results listing colours match
  • Result map markers can be updated to include your own icon and colour choices
  • Watermarks on property images in search results and property details pages

Not only this but your website will include all excEA's other great features.

We're planning to offer a wider range of templates as time goes on. If there's a particular look you'd like to see in our template series why not drop us an email and let us know.

Your free demo website

If you'd like to put excEA to the test we'd be happy to give you access a free demo website.

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