What important issues DID your new website need to address?

"I've worked with Katalysis over the years to build up strong search rankings for key terms and we needed to be sure to maintain those rankings.

"I also need to make sure our site had a clean and contemporary look that showed of our images off to the very best. Our new site has a unique look and feel and puts the right images and text just where they are needed.

What do you like most about the new concrete5?

"I've always enjoyed the flexibility and ease of use and this continues in the new version. The ability to make changes quickly and without fuss is important.

"After upgrading I find it easier to add new content and video.

How do you go about getting traffic to your website?

"As mentioned, search engine ranking is important. I write blog posts about my work and I tweet regularly and have an email list I've build up over the years.

How have clients reacted to your new site?

I have had some great responses and lots of likes on Twitter and feedback on LinkedIn.


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